As the 2019 LA Lakers Business Woman and the 2015 CA Charter Teacher of the Year, Genein is a national thought leader and creator of the concept of ‘Intercultural Creativity®.’ Her 7 Gems of Intercultural Creativity is a leading framework that encourages corporations to develop diversity and inclusion while developing critical cognitive tools for creative thinking. Creative growth mindset, the empathetic way, cultural observation, cultural curiosity, perspective-shifting, authentic adaptation, and creating across cultures are the 7 Gems. The first book Genein has written, From Debt To Destiny: Creating Financial Freedom From the Inside Out connected creative thinking to financial agility and was an international bestseller in 5 finance categories. Genein believes creative thinking thrives best in an inclusive environment, and she is often called ‘America’s Creative Coach’ for her work in reigniting intercultural creativity within our workforce.

Intercultural Creativity® is a groundbreaking professional development program that integrates cultural competence, which is needed for inclusion, and creative thinking development, which is necessary for value creation, while at the same time supporting the mental and emotional wellness and creative potential of every leader and team member.